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Implanon, yay or nay?

I know this topic maybe a little too personal to talk openly. I decided to share my experience basically to help mommies out there who plan to go for contraceptive. I personally found it was hard to find any testimonials or personal experiences on Implanon. I have been googling for quite awhile and noticed not many actually share their experience on Implanon and that made me took awhile before I decide to go for this method.

I don't think I wanna share how Implanon works as you could actually find the information about pros and cons of having Implanon done to your body. If you really read via net, you will find more negative comments than good. I would want to believe that each of us are different, our body maybe made of the same materials but how your body reacts and accept new elements might be different from individual to individual. I am not writing to tell you how good is Implanon cause this is only my first month having that small rod under my arm. I would shared my experien…

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