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Brainy Bunch lousy? Betul ke?

Hey yaaa...

Few more days to a brand new year. resolution that's bullshit. I don't resolute by end of the year cause my focus is to get my year-end bonus and shopping!😂

Anyway I came across a blog today about a mom who complained about Brainy Bunch. To summarize her story, she sent her son to the center and dissatisfied with many things. As a mother who fully rely on kindergarten/daycare during my working hours, I have something to share about this.

Dear mommy,
As you mentioned in your blog, you wanted your son to be exposed with Islamic teaching since young age so you chose Brainy Bunch. After 4 months, you then think....

1. The school fee is too expensive but your child learn nothing
2.  You found out Brainy Bunch is like makan duit. Suda lagi mahal then a lot of hidden cost.
3. Go school trip also need to pay
4. The school like to cuti. Even public holiday also the school cuti
5. Extra ko-k such as Bengkel solat also need to pay
6. School held party, why ask parents brin…

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