Gov vs Private Hospital

Guess this question has never came to an end. Every time one sees you are expecting the first thing they gonna ask if not the gender then it will be which hospital are you going to deliver your baby. Pantai Hospital? (FYI, Pantai is among those expensive private hospital in KL). Oh well, I didn't know if  this is just a norm but I guess some are just too kepoh to know if you are rich enough to bear the delivery cost. LOL

I remembered when I first having my son, I got that a lot as well. But yeah those days I also blur blur first time mommy kan you know lah. When people ask me I normally ask them back which hospitals has good services and reasonable price. All and all, most of them preferred private hospitals rather than government basically with one common reason, government hospitals are lousy, sucks and scary.

3 years ago, private hospitals may ranged averagely from RM3.5k-5k for natural birth and double the price or more for C-Sec depending on hospitals. That's not inclusive of other charges such as Epidural, pain-killer, baby suction etc. That was 3 years ago not sure now. Honestly, I found that is too pricey. I could recalled one of my friend was once said, "Not like you cannot afford what, your husband so rich (rich? millionaire you mean? hehe)". Guess regardless your husband can afford or not, no harm to ease their burden. They also working hard to earn, don't they? Kesian them also ba kan...

Ermm.. I have totally different view after experiencing gov hospital (Jangan kecam saya! LOL). I can't deny I do feel a little hesitate when it comes to government hospitals. With all the horrible stories, of course I feel uneasy as well but despite those bad stories not many actually mention about the good sides of them. Gov has the best range of medications and their baby injections are one of the best, lagi best when it is FOC (kan? Scored!). Go check in private how much in total all the necessary baby injections up to 18months if you don't believe, it may costs you thousands for those mandatory injections. Why not use that money to give your child extra injections such as pneumococcal or rotavirus which are not covered under gov scheme?  I actually had my monthly baby review at a private clinic for my entire pregnancy and the Doctor told me my pregnancy is perfectly fine and baby is in great position, I shouldn't have any problems to deliver naturally. So she suggested me to give a try with PPUM since now they have semi-government wing for maternity/delivery when she herself actually a Gyne in Pantai. Told me not to waste my money for private when not necessary and better use the money for something else especially for the newborn. So, I listened to her advice and give it a try with PPUM. True enough, since they are now semi-government the facilities and services are marvelous. For maternity, they only have standard room with 4 beds with attached toilet in each ward. My husband tried to get a single room but it seems single room only reserved for government servants. But that's ok everything seems brand new since they have just done renovation upon my admission. Back in 2013, my total bill for a natural delivery was RM600+ (1 night stay). Since gov going to increase 50% on medical fee, I am predicting it may goes up maximum around RM1000 only lah (Still cheaper right?). The only thing you cannot request in PPUM is that your husband cannot be in the labor room with you. Since my husband memang penakut (keke) so I don't need this facility then. Scared he might get fainted before me. Wakekeke If you prefer you husband to be in the labor room with you, I think Putrajaya Hospital and Selayang Hospital may be allowed.

I am glad everything goes well when I delivered Ian and even greater I can use the extra thousands that I supposed to spend on baby delivery to his early childhood education. This is the thing, when people know I spend RM1k+ for my son's monthly pre-school fee, many think I am crazy and super kiasu. Many said "He is just 2! Why spend so much on pre-school?! Now I tell you I even pay a high price for my son's babysitter before he goes to school. Crazy? (Yes, I am). I am not like some have their mother/ mother in law/sister/aunty etc who can help to look after their child for free. If you understand what living in the city without relatives means, I pay good price for a peace of mind (Get me?). Come on la, you can spend a bank for delivery, why bother when others choose to spend their money on their child aftercare? Chill lah..

I can see many willing to spend on baby delivery but when the child is ready for nursery/pre-school/enrichment program they suddenly become stingy and started to complain everything is expensive. Indeed, nothing is cheap nowadays we all know that. When you choose to go private hospitals also not cheap mah. Same thing to private schools. If I am kiasu, what are you? (Nah..angry already :D).

If you still don't know where to dump your money, go get your child covers with medical insurance. Or maybe upgrade yourself to an insurance that covers complications during pregnancy. For those unaware about unborn insurance, check out Prudential. They have PRUmy child for your unborn/child (Infant care provides protection during the crucial prenatal, neonatal and post-natal periods)  and PRUlady that covers wide range of women-related illnesses.

Conclusion is, no matter you delivery your child in private or government both also painful right? Both also got scar, both also got cut (Org kampung bilang naragas juga. Wakekeke)

Bah, Happy Midweek lah nothing serious here. LOL


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