Does a bitch really taste that good?

Gloomy day, received a call from someone I knew for long today. From far I could sensed she is in trouble. Yet I didn't want to make such conclusion too fast, I maybe wrong. But true enough,  a painful cry from the other end, hoping for a helping hand. I guess I am a good mind reader.

To my dear friend, I am sorry for what you have been through. Maybe you are right, no man is a right man, no marriage is perfect with just romance. It required more than just sex and love.

To all men in the world, open your heart, listen to this voice, it came deep down from your humble wives.

Could there still be a delicate soul hiding behind the facade of a man who gone wild and wrong? What is the real face beneath the mask of defiance that you dons?

At the moment you enjoy hugging another woman tight to your chest, you wife is stuck home with the kids worrying if you have had your meals or will you safely home. At that very moment when she calls you she actually already know something is not right but she choose to trust you. When you reaches home, she shows no qualms but a smile, yet you never appreciate.

Dear men, when a woman has decided to leave their family to be with you, they have actually gave up most of the good things they used to have in life.  Your wife harbours a down to earth dream of settling down with the right person. Yes define them the way you think it is, you maybe capable to give her a better life in your own definition but better life is not by getting her more branded bags or taking her to a luxury dinner. A good wife do not want all that from you. It's the honesty and trust that what they long for.

No woman is blind enough to ignore a blatant lie. At that very moment you open up for another woman, that is the beginning of a betrayal. The time you basks in your risque actions, holding other woman's hand without guilty, you have actually made a choice to made it tough. Your wife is paying high price for a strong person she could. The curve on her face is made for you, with yearnings for sure.

Dear friend, I tell you to let go and forgive. Take it as lesson and again, it's a choice you can make. Listen to your heart. The little ones you are bearing now is the reason you are here today. Stay strong, have faith my dear friend. 


  1. Big circle, small circle
    Endure or's a choice.

  2. @llen yes, once is a mistake. Repeating twice is a choice. :)

  3. Hi Reen, just a sharing. :) nway how r u darl? Mesti busy gila with 2 princesses now right...!

  4. Hi Jesse. I actually happened to read your old post abt Chinese Malay relationship and I'm here to ask for some advices fron experienced person like you. Is thr any way for me to contact you? Hope to hear from you soon.


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