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2 years for one post. Come on Jesse! LOL

Oh well, 2 years has gone. My baby boy Ian is no longer a baby, he is now 3 and has becoming mommy's chatty buddy since he started talking few months back. Expecting my second baby now, life has changed a little drastic as I am (we are) not prepared for another one for the thought that we might only have the one and only Ian boy. Oh don't get me wrong, despite of horrible morning sickness this time around I am super duper happy with our new arrival. Up till now, we still couldn't believe God has granted us another child as we have problem to conceive my first one and Doctor has confirmed the chances are low for another baby. But yeah, God is great!

While enjoying my second trimester now, I suddenly thinking to write about Ian's learning progress. Ian was with his nanny ever since he was 4 months to about 2 years old. I couldn't be more than thankful that I found a nice and super loving nanny for my little boy. Ian has grown up happy and healthy under her care and best part is the nanny could only converse in Chinese so by no choice Ian picked up the language from her and able to understand well.

As I noticed Ian was a little shy and speak very little words, I have made a huge decision to enroll him to pre-school so that he is able to socialize and learn more stuffs. I know switching him from a one-to-one nanny to pre-school means I need to be ready for frequent common sickness such as flu, cough etc. True enough, Ian has been getting flu & cough quite frequent in school as compare to those days when he was with his nanny. But that's just minor actually, that's eventually helps to build his immune system. What impressed me was his amazing development after he started pre-school at the age of  2.

Here are few reasons why you should enroll your child to playschool as young as possible:

1. Better social skill

Since baby, Ian showed hesitation when anyone trying to get close to him. He will either cry out loud or just ran away whenever you try to approach him. This is cool when with strangers but not when with our family members or friends. After putting him in pre-school, he has better social skill. I could see he is improving as he is now mixing well with other children while playing. To me,willing to give a goodbye hug to our family members and friends is a great improvement.

2. Impressive vocabulary

For this, I am pretty sure it happened by many factors besides school. We allowed him to watch channels in Youtube such as hi5, Ryan's toy review, how's stuff works, nursery rhymes and of course Power Rangers (why not?LOL) for 2 hours a day after school. I noticed him started to pick up and use some of the words from what he watched yet unable to form sentences with those. At the same time, he is learning many different things at school and that's where those jargon came from. He know when to use the right sentences for different situations which sometimes can be very funny for a 3 year old to say "Oh come on.." when his dad keep asking him to look at the 3D image of his baby sibling. haha!

3. Perfect grammar

This part may not be my main focus but I noticed Ian is grammatically correct whenever he tries to make sentences. Besides knowing 'is', 'are', 'was' etc, he knows when to use single and plural, when to add "-ing' to verb and when to use just the verb according to the right sentences. The school's medium is English but I do believe the teachers may have used proper English when communicate to their students. Frankly, I personally think it is important for parents to speak proper language to their children. We always try to speak proper English without slang, same as when I speak in Chinese unless it is Sabah mother tongue then I can't help much lah. :D

4. Show great interests in learning

Since born, I have tried to practice flashcards with Ian but due to time constrain (good excuse mommy) I was not consistent. So as Ian growing, he doesn't seems to show much interest to flashcards and reading. I didn't enforced much since I want him to grow up to what he enjoy doing. However, thing slowly changed after he started attending school. He will take those untouched cards and books to me or the daddy to read for him. And now, he could read and named all of them confidently!

5. Better daily routine

After school, Ian will be in daycare until I pick him up after work. As the children will be staying whole day the school has provided 3 meals for breakfast, lunch & tea break. Ian is a fussy eater. If he doesn't take candy, no ice-cream, no carbonated drinks what makes you think he will consider vegetables. Obviously he won't but that won't happen in school. His teacher said he eats whatever given to him without complain. Magic right? I tried to include vegetables and fruits to his meal but it doesn't works. Since he is eating healthy meals during school time everyday so I am a little lenient when it comes to dinner. At daycare, children are disciplined to take their afternoon nap so that helped a lot during the weekends as Ian knows the napping routine so no need to shout your lungs out to put him to sleep. keke

All and all, to put your child early to school is all up to your decision as parents. No need to follow trend lah, you know what best for your child. Every child is different, some learn fast some a little lesser. However, selecting a good school is very important as that would eventually mold your child's character. I planned to send Ian to a full Chinese medium kindergarten by 2018 for the preparation of his enrollment to Chinese primary school.

Sound KIASU? Yes I am a KIASU mommy and I am happy being a KIASU mommy! :P :P :P

Btw, Ian is attending Baby Atelier Pre School & Nursery.
For more information, check out their website at



  1. hihii. hi jess! been waiting for u to post smthing here & at last....~ hahaa setujuuuuu sangat jess. Sy ada problem jugak dengan zarin, sebab tinggal dengan maid & sampai dia ngam 2 tahun, orang tengok dia pun dia nangis, apatah lagi nak pegang. hahah. walau pun nenek/ atuk. Tapi pelan2 kita asek bawak dia pergi mingle around dengan rakan sebaya, ikut pergi function2 sekolah kakak, & now dah better. Banyak improve. Nxt yr dia pulak masuk sekolah. hihii

  2. 2 years... ��

  3. Reen I know right! Adui I punya la no time to update my blog..hihi excuse la actually but i betul2 malas kalau boleh hari2 nak tido saja. keke yay! finally, Ian going to chinese medium kindergarten soon which making me very nervous, you know la chinese school all about drilling, doing homework and less play. But I try not to force him la if boleh boleh la or else will put him in private english medium school if betul2 he can't catch up. Seriously dlm hati i really worry if too much books would kill his interest in learning. All I want is he can speak chinese fluently tu je. So I bagitau the teacher to just let him do half of everything. Yg penting speak chinese with him. Anyway, all the best to Zarin! Btw, mana u cari maid u ah? Heard Wan said tak pyh pkai agent. I nak jg! :D

    1. itu lah, risau jugak jess, boleh ke catch up? tapi zuyyin dia lebih suka macam art2 macam tu. Hantar kelas music dia suka yang part nyanyi2 joget2 je. hai laa. hahahaaha pasal maid suruh wan tanya rahman :D

    2. Zuyyin now dah attend yg mmg betul2 kindergarten kan? Nak tak Nak, kena jg babe. But I believe can do well don't worry la, next year am going to send ian to Yamaha class also but still cannot decide what instrument he is good at. Which Yamaha is Zuyyin attending now? How fast you see the progress? Eh babe, I told you put Zarin to school as early as you can, she will progress very fast especially if you want her to pick up languages now. Ian speaks good English but refused to speak Chinese then Malay hancur. huhu sebab his current school heavily in English.

  4. @JustSatan I know you miss me right..? LOL


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