Presenting my little man!

Finally, August the 12, right at 8:12pm, I've safely delivered my little baby. Filling our hearts with love and joy, I proudly announce the arrival of our little miracle, Rayyan Tan Ridwan.

The name (in Muslim):

Rayyan - Name of the gates of Heaven
Ridwan - Name of the keeper of the gates of Heaven
Tan - He got it from his mama! :)

Somehow, we love to call him as Ian, short and "so-him". I still couldn't believe am finally a mother now. Thanks for the wondering journey you gave to mama, darling. Mommy & Daddy love you so much!


  1. Im a malay currently dating a chinese ... Just like you and your kaka .. And I really want to know how you get into islam i mean .. Are your family okay with your decision ? This is the only border that limits our relationship right now .. And sometimes she'll be thinking about our future and i just don't have the apopriate answers to tell her .. Im just worried that our relationships would end just like that just because of our different race and religion .. Hope you can help me with this ..

  2. Hi there, honestly religion and race are nothing compare to honesty and trust in a relationship. With these 2 elements, no matter how challenging it is to lead your partner towards Islam you will somehow overcome them. First and foremost, you gt to learn to be ignorant. Take only the good and let go the negatives about being with a non-muslim. Have in mind, we are all human being, nothing less nothing more. If religion becomes the border, that's not a true love. Have faith my friend. :)


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